The Lorenzoni brand can be identified as a family brand as it is the result of the experience acquired in 50 years of activity of Maglificio Liliana, a solid entrepreneurial reality started in 1969 by Egidio Lorenzoni and his wife Liliana, with an artisanal production of knitwear of good workmanship that soon met great interest and widespread approval.


Dedication and care for every single garment that today continues with the second generation, represented by the children Andrea, Elisa and Monica. It is with them that the company assumes identity, size and a high production standard that characterize it as an important reality of Italian men's fashion in the world and with which the Lorenzoni brand was born in 2018. Today the Lorenzoni brand is distributed in important markets such as United States and Europe.


Lorenzoni styles evoke a contemporary and sophisticated taste, which wants to express a new dandyism. Ours is a target of young and refined dandies who give great importance to their appearance with style, good taste and irony. Each garment expresses the know-how of the brand, a specialist in the creation of knitted garments with rich stitching, special treatments and sophisticated details. Passion and research come together and are renewed season after season giving life to collections that are always updated for an attentive public looking for an extremely refined product, which stands out and distinguishes itself.


The Lorenzoni line is made up of knit items made with high end natural yarns such as “Cariaggi” cashmere, silk and Zegna Baruffa extrafine merino wool. In cooperation with the above mentioned prestigious spinning mill, our research team has studied a special and exclusive yarn, the Triplofilo (Triple twisted - three ply). The 19.5 micron extrafine merino wool that composes it is subjected to a particular twist that gives the sweater an always new look and exceptional elasticity.